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Bernadette Jaye  & 
Teija Barr

The Course Supervisor:

Teija Barr

Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy with Quantum Hypnosis

***In-depth online masterclass one evening per month***

Due to popular demand, we have relaunched our Advanced Past Life Regression (“APLR”)  course with Quantum Hypnosis. This is the foundation course in our new Series of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Courses.


This course is an exciting and fascinating opportunity to learn more about the way the mind works and to deepen your skills of past life regression therapy. The course brings together both traditional hypnosis techniques and quantum healing in  context of past life regression therapy.


As hypnotherapists we know how initial sensitising events can have a huge impact on our psyches, creating physical symptoms, anxiety and depression.  On this course you will learn how the story narratives of past lives alleviate symptoms by allowing a far greater range of repressed feelings and thoughts come into awareness.  You can learn how to link this material with the client’s current life experience and well documented stages in human development.  This new understanding enables you to integrate a new and effective range of goals into your client treatment plans.


This course includes

1. Understanding of Quantum Hypnosis Healing

2. Past life regression

3. Life Between Lives

4. Future Lives

5. Conception and Birth

6. Earth Bound Release (Spirit Release)

In addition the course content covers how to trouble shoot past lives and how to run past life group sessions. The course includes supervision sessions.

This  is an evening course, held once a month. Between the classes, students are working with each other to gain the practical experience of the training. The course schedule is designed to allow the attendees to internalise and process the inevitable transformational experiences and to attend the course supervision.

Pre-requisite learning requirement:

This course provides advanced skills in past life regression, therefore Regression and Past Life Hypnotherapy training as part of the ICH Diploma Course, or any other demonstrated regression and past life hypnotherapy training is essential.


Next Course Date

2024 - TBD

 We are reworking the dates currently and will publish new dates soon!

Course fee can be paid in 3 equal payments during the course period.

The course language is English

Finnish language support is available during the course.

Material is available both in English and Finnish languages.

Course Registration and Payments
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