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Every student matters to us.

We know everybody by name and a happy, friendly environment is fostered. If you would like to change your own life for the better and at the same time have a profound positive impact on the lives of others, come and join us at the ICH!

One-to-One Training and Hypnotherapy Services

We understand that it is not always practical to join a course over period of week or months.  As a result, the ICH is delighted to be able to provide a bespoke training service on a one-to-one basis. 


This is ideal for busy people whose schedules make it difficult to attend regular course weekends or for those who simply prefer one-to-one training.

The training on one-to-one basis is delivered by our Principal Teija Barr from her office in Dulwich or one of the ICH lecturers depending on availability.

One-to-One Intensive Training days
Foundation Course: 3 days training
Professional Course: 8 days training

One-to-One Training Fees
Foundation Course £1500
Professional Course £4500

All fees are subject to change, please contact our office to find out how much you are expected to pay. It may also be possible for you to attend bespoke group Foundation and Professional Training with colleagues or friends, helping to share some of the cost of the training. Please contact us for details as the number of training days and fees will depend on number of people attending.

Weekday Courses
The ICH does occasionally hold week-long, intensive Foundation Courses, either when demand for the next weekend Foundation Course exceeds the number of places available or as and when sufficient interest is registered.

If you would like to register your interest for a possible future week-long Foundation Course, please contact the ICH office using the details as specified on Contact Us page.

Hypnotherapy Services
Hypnotherapy is a safe way to modify unwanted habits and can help with vast range of problems and conditions. For example, it can help eating disorders, dermatological disorders, insomnia, depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, self-esteem issues, in weight management, pain control etc.

All our lecturers are experienced hypnotherapists and provide private appointments for those interested in receiving hypnotherapy treatment.

Please note that direct appointments though the ICH office can only be made with the ICH Principal, Teija Barr, however if you would like to make an appointment with any of the other members of the ICH Faculty, we would be happy to provide you with their details.

Hypnotherapists who have trained with ICH and who are currently members of the Association of the ICH (AICH) are listed under section Find Therapist.

Hypnotherapy Supervision
All practising Hypnotherapist are recommended to attend regular supervision sessions with a colleague (or colleagues) to discuss, in confidence, ongoing cases and issues that arise from them, or personal matters that may have an impact on their own ability to practice as therapists. In addition to the supervision provided for the ICH Students during their Professional Course (details can be found on page Supervision), we are happy to recommend our experienced Supervisors to anyone seeking hypnotherapy supervision.

The ICH also runs regular group supervision sessions at Harley Street on monthly basis. Please contact us for details as places are limited.

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