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Master Clinical Hypnotherapist MCH

Optimises professional understanding of the psychological and medical aspects of clinical hypnosis

The highest level of ICH qualification is Master Clinical Hypnotherapist.

This is awarded only to those who have obtained the DHP and studied to become a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist or "MCH".

MCH training is designed to recognise individuals who have completed a significant number of additional training days in order to optimise their professional understanding of the psychological and medical aspects of clinical hypnosis.

In order to qualify for the MCH, students must complete a further 12 days of training (over and above the 8 days required for the DHP) by attending ICH CPD modules. 

Core subjects to be taken:


  • Deep States Training (3 days)

  • Anxiety Disorders (1 day)

  • Regression Therapy (2 days) or Hypnotic Language (2 days)


Otherwise, students are completely free to choose the other 6 days of training from the full list of masterclasses.

Full details about each of the CPD modules offered (including dates and costs) are set out on the masterclass pages of the website.

There is a time limit of 4 years from the date on which the DHP Diploma is obtained for the 12 days of training to be completed. If the requisite number of training days is not completed during this time period, the opportunity to acquire the MCH will normally fall away.

Once students have completed the requisite 12 days of additional training (including the core subjects), and providing that they are in regular practice, the MCH (Master Clinical Hypnotherapist) will be awarded. The award is discretionary.


The award is normally rewarded only to those students who have completed their diploma training with the ICH before attending the CPDs. If your qualification has been obtained elsewhere, you can still attend the CPDs but may have to complete bridging before becoming eligible for the ICH Master level award. Please contact us for details.



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