Bernadette Jaye MSc

Course Lecturer


Ego State Therapy


Ego-state work is an effective brief therapy enhanced by hypnosis.

The personality is composed of a grouping of separate states, each possessing identity, memory, and specific traits. Evolving from a young age these ego states continue to develop as we go through life and are personal to each of us. When ego-states don’t have the resources they need and they aren’t working well together we can feel distressed, anxious and depressed. This can undermine our best laid plans, ambitions and goals in life.

This weekend you can learn how to:
❖ Access ego-states (Dichotomous technique)
❖ Map your own ego-states discovering their role and attitude
- (5-15 are easily accessible at the surface level)
❖ Dialogue with ego-states
- (Through stages of acceptance, conflict resolution and cooperation)
❖ Locate ego states holding trauma
- (Resistance bridge and affect bridge techniques)
❖ Work with personal development; psychosomatic disorders; relationships and addiction


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Next Course Date

Date : TBD

Time: 10am -5pm

(9.30am registration)

Location: Kings College London Waterloo

Cost: £250.00


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