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Every student matters to us.

We know everybody by name and a happy, friendly environment is fostered. If you would like to change your own life for the better and at the same time have a profound positive impact on the lives of others, come and join us at the ICH!

Supervision for the ICH Students

This is a mentoring arrangement designed to help students run a professional practice and applies to all students undertaking professional training and is in keeping with industry standards. A supervisor or mentor is allocated to each student undertaking the Professional Course during the first weekend of the course.

» To help students develop confidence in utilising hypnotherapeutic techniques, managing client sessions and maintaining an empathic professional role

» To help students explore how to get started in practice, what style of hypnotherapy practice suits them at present and what helps them feel supported in their work with clients

» To focus on the six case studies which each student must complete as part of the ICH's Diploma and which are an essential part of the curriculum. Case studies should be submitted to the supervisor who will reflect on them with the student before informing the ICH when they are complete

Students are required to attend a minimum of four supervision sessions (one hour each) during the Professional Course. Two of these sessions will take place as a group during the Professional Course (the cost of which is included in the fees and is therefore borne by the ICH) and two will take place on a one-to-one basis with individual supervisors (the cost of which must be borne by the student and is usually £50 per session).

» Once the two required one-to-one sessions have taken place, it is up to each individual student and supervisor to decide whether they wish to arrange any further sessions

» Face-to-face supervision is required for a minimum of two sessions » Telephone supervision is a possibility for additional sessions if there are practical issues or pressing concerns and is charged at the same hourly rate

» E-mail is only acceptable for flagging up questions and meeting times

» Wherever possible, students and supervisors should give two weeks' notice for session appointments and aim for a 48 hour response to all telephone calls and e-mails

All sessions provide confidentiality for you and your clients.
Beginning treatment and ending treatment with clients.

» Getting a better sense of the client, their presenting issue and the work needed to effect a beneficial change

» Discovering which techniques suit the client » Evaluating the benefits of work with clients as you go along and managing any disappointments

» Finding appropriate people to work with for your case studies

» Concerns about the Diploma Examination and what is required

» Starting to think about building a practice We are able to provide online supervision to EU and overseas students. Please ask the office for more details.

We are able to provide online supervision to EU and overseas students. Please ask the office for more details.

ICH Group Supervision for Qualified Hypnotherapists

Supervision is an important and elementary part of a practitioner’s professional conduct. Not only supervision is beneficial in supporting the practitioner through sometimes complex issues faced with clients, but also beneficial for the practitioner wellbeing. The ability to discuss issues, both professional and personal in a non-judgemental way is second to none. Supervision will also help with gaining new ideas and strategies, help the practitioner to gain competence, confidence and accountability.

The ICH runs regular monthly group supervision sessions for qualified hypnotherapists. These sessions are an affordable way to receive regular supervision and connect with peers. All session take place at Harley Street during a weekday evening once a month between 7-9pm and must be pre-booked. All the supervisors have been certified by the ICH.

You can contact us for more details at:

Supervision Training

The ICH Supervision Certification training is intended to all hypnotherapist who are looking to use their experience and skills to supervise colleagues.

This course teaches you the key skills required from a supervisor, helping you to plan and carry out supervision sessions according to best practises, providing you the solution focused strategies to help your supervisee for their benefit.

After completion of the course, the ICH Certified Supervisors are given the opportunity to accumulate experience by participating in the ICH Group Supervision Sessions as Supervisors.

West London Peer Support Group for the ICH Graduates

The West London Peer Support Group has been running since 2005 and is facilitated by Patrick Browning. Previously a face to face meeting the Group have been meeting on Zoom since lockdown. We have now decided to remain on Zoom which means the Group may now be of interest to practitioners from further afield.

We meet on the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. If you are interested in joining the Group please email

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