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Inner Child Therapy

***New Online Course***

Join the live meeting conveniently from home


Physical or mental illness, work issues, bereavement, abusive relationships, divorce and addictions may have contributed to chaos and unpredictability within the family which prevents the parent(s) meeting their children’s needs to feel secure, loved, acknowledge, heard and supported, and thus disrupting the natural stages of development to adulthood.

The child grows into an adult physically but hasn’t gained fundamental ego strengths and capacities. Inside the adult is a child with unresolved needs often in a state of chaos and confusion, terror and rage, emptiness and despair. A phrase coined to describe this scenario is “adult child”. Many people medicate the pain of this with different types of addictive behaviours.

This course will give you the skills to use inner child therapy with clients who will come and see you with disruptive patters in their lives and helping theme to re-parent their inner child.

Inner child work is an opportunity to re-parent the inner child. It is often called “original pain work”. If you can’t feel it you can’t heal it.

You will learn therapeutic approach to use inner child therapy, providing also scripts to address the different stages of development and takes a closer look at the intra-psychic state of affairs.


Next Course Date

3-4 October 2020 

9am - 4pm daily

Online Meet

Cost: £225.00  /250.00e

(Norm £250/300e)

Lecturer: Bernadette Jaye

The course language is English,material also available in Finnish

Course Registration and Payments

Complete your enrolment by paying either the registration fee or the one-off course payment. The remaining course balance will be due before the 1st day of the course for all registration fee only enrolments.  There is no need to fill in registration forms for paypal payments. We are happy to also accept your enrolment over telephone on 020 7642 0272

Registration Fee Only £70.00

One-off Course Fee Payment £225.00