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Unlock Romance and Relationships

***New Course via Online Classroom***

We all want happy, harmonious,  loving relationships.   But when we get it wrong we often end up with the opposite and find ourselves experiencing hostility, bitterness and despondency.  Turbulent relationships hurt.  Often the very techniques that we use to mend our relationships backfire. 


Nicola Martin will explore some of the pitfalls of loving relationships and how by employing some simple techniques you and your clients can learn to reclaim the loving relationships that you want. 


  1. Finding out why you chose the partner that you have

  2. Looking at the dark side of human nature

  3. Spotting major danger signs in a relationship

  4. Discovering your contribution to what is going wrong

  5. Understanding the secrets of effective communication with loved ones

  6. Exploring your differences

  7. Giving permission to be wrong

  8. Developing your 'love maps'

  9.  Accepting your partner as they are

  10.  Promoting and growing the relationship

  11. Changing wants into goals

  12. Knowing when it's time to quit


Next Course Date


9am -4pm UK time

Online Classroom

Cost: £175.00

Lecturer: Nicola Martin

Course Registration and Payments

Complete your enrolment by paying either the registration fee or the one-off course payment or by using the form to register. 


 The remaining course balance will be due before the 1st day of the course for all registration fee only enrolments.  There is no need to fill in a separate registration form if registering via paying a PayPal payment.

We are happy to also accept your enrolment over telephone on 020 7642 0272


One-off Course Fee Payment £180.00 (includes Transaction fee)

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