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Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)


Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to, and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives. At the centre of Mindfulness is curiosity, acceptance and compassion towards yourself, others and the world. It does not remove or eliminate life’s pressures, but it can help us by teaching how to respond to the life’s pressures in a calmer manner that benefits our overall wellbeing. Mindfulness cultivates awareness and through that helps us to recognise the often unconscious unhelpful reactions to everyday events.

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Course is based on the well-known work by Segal, Williams and Teasdale and of course Jon Kabat-Zinn. This course teaches the participants to make simple but significant changes in their relationships to their thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations that contribute to number of issues, such as depression, anxiety and stress, for instance. The course teaches participants how to step out of habitual emotional and bodily responses and how to stop spiralling these responses out of control.

The course is suitable for therapists of any discipline as well as for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. It is essential learning for those therapists who want to learn how Mindfulness can help clients suffering from anxiety, depression and chronic illness. The training takes place in a group setting in 8 weekly sessions and is highly experiential as the key to learning Mindfulness is to do Mindfulness practises. The course is structured so that each week builds on the skills learned during the previous week, covering exercises and topics that are examined within the context of Mindfulness, and involves home practice. The course taught by a fully qualified Mindfulness Teacher.

Next Course Date


10am -5pm (9.30am registration)

London Waterloo

Cost: £250

Lecturer: Philip Smith BSc

Course Registration and Payments

Complete your enrolment by paying either the registration fee or the one-off course payment. The remaining course balance will be due before the 1st day of the course for all registration fee only enrolments.  There is no need to fill in registration forms for paypal payments. We are happy to also accept your enrolment over telephone on 020 7642 0272

Registration Fee Only £70.00

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One-off Course Fee Payment £250.00

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Next Course Date

The next Mindfulness CPD takes place in 2017. We will publish the date as soon as possible. In the meanwhile please register your interest by clicking the tab below and filling your details. We will then be in touch with you as soon as the dates will become available.

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