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Every student matters to us.

We know everybody by name and a happy, friendly environment is fostered. If you would like to change your own life for the better and at the same time have a profound positive impact on the lives of others, come and join us at the ICH!

Introducing Clinical Hypnotherapy


Clinical hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a conduit for therapy.

There is nothing extraordinary about hypnosis. “Trances” are just the states of focussed attention that we all go in and out of all the time.  It is a perfectly natural condition which, when harnessed, can release hidden potential to improve life.

The therapist acts as a guide, taking clients to a deeper level of trance than they could normally achieve on their own. 

In this state, the client is highly suggestible, allowing the therapist to then deliver appropriate positive suggestions.

Perhaps the best known therapeutic uses are for stopping smoking and losing weight. However, there are countless other applications where it can be of very great benefit. 

These include: improved self-esteem, stress reduction, dealing with phobias and trauma, pain relief, speeding up the healing process, confidence in public speaking, improving memory and sports performance enhancement.

Hypnosis can assist in alleviating a wide range of psychological problems, including those physical symptoms which have been psychologically induced. 

Skilful use of hypnotic techniques can enable people to connect with their unconscious mind in a safe and effective manner.

This marvellous power, which is generated when hypnotherapist and client work together, creates therapeutic changes which can permanently alter a person's life.

The hypnotherapist’s role should not, of course, impinge on the territory of the doctor or the psychiatrist.  It is a complementary, not an alternative, profession in its own right providing a unique set of skills for dealing with problems often viewed as intractable elsewhere. No medical condition should ever be treated by a hypnotherapist without the full consent and co-operation of the client’s doctor.

To find out more about our Hypnotherapy Training, see Foundation and Professional Courses.

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EU Residents

Did you know that in many of the countries where hypnotherapy can only be conducted by doctors  or psychiatrists, an ICH Diploma allows you to work as a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist?

NEW - A Great Learning Resource from the ICH

The ICH Recordings are a great resource for you to learn hypnotic inductions and/or revise and refresh already completed learning.

The collection includes:

  • 11 full versions - complete demo of the induction, deepeners/ego-strengthening and the emerge process and explanation of the key points.

  • 10 short versions - induction demo only for a quick reminder.

The collection of videos feature 11 hypnotic inductions, some which are taught on our Clinical Hypnosis Diploma training course. In fact, each one of the 11 full versions is actually a complete hypnotherapy session on it's own right as first the particular induction is used to induce trance, the trance is then deepened and the participant is given lots of confidence boosting suggestions for a healthier self-esteem (who would not want that?), before emerging the participant from the trance state. The important points about how to carry out the induction are then explained.

There are additionally 10 shorter versions available, giving you the option to watch the induction demonstration only.

Just a Few Good Reasons to learn with the ICH…

» First class tuition…

Top quality course content and lecturers. Courses designed to provide the highest quality of academic and practical tuition.

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