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Foundation and Professional Course Enrolments

To join our Foundation training course, a registration deposit of £270.00 (UK courses only, different amount applies to courses outside UK) is required to secure your place. The balances become payable as per details on the dates & costs page.

You can join our Professional Course once you have joined our Foundation training or if you have completed your training elsewhere and can demonstrate you have the required level of knowledge and skill to join the Professional course directly (please note that a bridging fee will be applied on all assessments for Foundation courses completed outside the ICH).

Please contact our office to confirm that you are eligible to join our Professional course if you have trained elsewhere, before making a registration payment of £300.00 (UK courses only, different amount applies to courses outside UK). The balances become payable as per details on the dates & costs page.

1. Enrolments by PayPal:
Complete your enrolment by paying either the registration fee or the one-off course payment on the course page. Please note that transaction fees will be added to all Early Bird and Registration Fees. The remaining course balance will be due before the 1st day of the course for all registration fee only enrolments.  There is no need to fill in registration forms for PayPal payments as long as you will add the sender details to the instructions.  You will receive a confirmation email for your payment and enrolment from the ICH.

The ICH Recordings are a great resource for you to learn hypnotic inductions and/or revise and refresh already completed learning.

Just a Few Good Reasons to learn with the ICH…

» First class tuition…

Top quality course content and lecturers. Courses designed to provide the highest quality of academic and practical tuition.

Additional Ways to Enrol on the Foundation and Professional Courses

1. Enrolments by Email
Please fill in your contact details either on Contact us page and let us know you wish to enrol on the ICH Foundation or Professional Course or fill in the form below and email it to us. We will contact you to take your payment details over the telephone. You can pay the enrolment fee either with a debit or a credit card. Please note that whereas debit card transactions are free, credit cards attract 2.65% surcharge


2. Enrolments by Phone

Please call us on 020 7642 0272 and we'll take your enrolment details over the telephone.

You can pay the enrolment fee either with a debit or a credit card. Please note that whereas debit card transactions are free, credit cards attract 2.65% surcharge.

Bridging Fees

The Bridging Fee is only applicable for those students who are required to undertake assessment for Foundation level courses completed outside the ICH. Please contact ICH to arrange an assessment and payment arrangements.


ICH Clinical Hypnosis Training is part of Clinical Hypnosis LTD a limited company register in UK. When you book a training course with us or buy one of our products (course, training, workshop, treatment, retreat or any other product or service) you agree to our ethics and our terms and conditions and enrolment, cancellation & refund policy.
It is important that we have your correct email address and your telephone number so that we are able to confirm your enrolment using and email and send you the relevant details about your upcoming course/treatment upon receipt of your enrolment deposit. We will also require your address details for invoicing purposes when payments are not processed directly through our website.  If you have not received information about your course, please contact our office at  or call us on +44 (0)207 6420272.

The ICH reserves the right to cancel a course if we do not have sufficient students to make it viable to run and/or change the location to suit the number of registered students.
The ICH reserves the right to refuse attendance to any person/s  on any of our courses or events, or remove a person/s from a course that has already started without explaining our decision.  Although rare, normally this would be because the pre-requisite training has not been successfully completed or the training attended is not meeting the ICH criteria. On these cases we would explain our decision to the student. On a very rare occasion we may consider the person unsuitable to take part in the ICH hypnosis/hypnotherapy training due to inappropriate behaviour demonstrated during or outside of our training, or due to mental or other medical condition that has not been pre-disclosed or makes hypnosis unsuitable. In all above cases our decision is final.
Hypnotherapy Foundation and Professional Courses

Cancellations will be accepted, and registration deposits refunded, up to 6 weeks prior to the start of the course for which you have enrolled (Foundation / Professional) Alternatively, deposits can be carried forward to a future course, if you wish. We will charge £30 administration fee on all refunded fees. Once you have commenced training with the ICH, you will become liable for the instalment amounts and these payments must be made on the date requested by the ICH. Any other payment arrangement will be by negotiation with the ICH.  

Once you have started your training with us and if you decide to withdraw from a course (for whatever reason,  you are required to give us 30 days notice in writing (email). After you have paid one or more of the instalments but before you have completed the course, you will not be entitled to a refund of the fees already paid, and are expect to pay the fees in full up to the end of the 30 days notice.
You would normally be permitted to re-join another Professional Course at a later date but this is subject to discussion with the ICH. Our experience is that it is unusual for students to withdraw from courses once they have commenced their training. However, our refund policy is stated here for the sake of clarity.
Continuous Professional Development Courses
Enrolment fees for professional continuous development courses or other events (expect for Foundation and Professional courses) are non-refundable. If you would like to transfer the enrolment fee towards another ICH CPD course or an event, this is normally permitted providing 6 weeks notice (42 days) has been given, but it is subject to discussion with the ICH. The training course must be taken within the same calendar year. The opportunity to transfer to another course usually falls away at the end of the calendar year when the original training course was due to be attended.  
The ICH CPD cancellations and non-refund policy has been established to ensure course are able to start even in the event of late cancellations. 

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