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Course Lecturer
Nicola Martin


Working With Addictions

Addiction is a common problem, and despite of there being help available, it is not always that easy to access. There are countless people who, for various reasons, have no control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it is harmful for them.

Typically addiction is most commonly associated with gambling, drugs and alcohol, but it is possible to be addicted to various other things such as porn, shopping, internet, solvents.

There are many reasons for people becoming addicted, including the way substances affect the way people feel and the "highs" that gamblers get after a win, but addiction is in essence a illness that is caused by a combination of factors. It is a crushing condition that consumes not only the individuals in question, but also their family and relationships.

This course is intended for hypnotherapists to understand:

  • substance addiction, gambling, porn, sex

  • how to work with addictions and their partner/family

  • stages of change

  • different stages of quitting

  • motivational interviewing

  • possible treatment programmes

  • relapse prevention

  • medical considerations

  • use of hypnotherapy scripts and techniques

It should be noted, that hypnotherapy is often used as a adjunct to other sources of support and therefore it hypnotherapists work with other health professionals supporting addiction recovery. 

Next Course Date

21 - 22 September 2024

 2 Days (Saturday and Sunday)

At 10:00 - 17:00 on both days

Helsinki, Finland


Cost: £375 / 380 euros

Lecturer: Nicola Martin / Teija Barr

The course language is English

Material is in English and Finnish

Course Registration and Payments

Complete your enrolment by paying either the registration fee or the one-off course payment. The remaining course balance will be due one week before the 1st day of the course for all registration fee only enrolments.  There is no need to fill in registration forms for PayPapayments.

If you are paying with PayPal Please note that PPal fees are added to the payment.


We are happy to also accept your enrolment over telephone on 020 7642 0272 where we can take your payment using Worldpay payments by card. There are no additional fees on Worldpay payments.

Registration Fee Only £100.00

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One-off Course Fee Payment £375.00

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