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Course Registration and Payments

*** only few places left

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Deep Hypnotic States Training

and the Law of Attraction

4 Days of training over 5 days in Spain in May 2022

We will make most of the Spanish sun and offering these two fantastic courses together, with a day off in between.

The Deep States training and Law of Attraction courses are unique to the ICH and you will not find one like it anywhere else. Deep States meets the needs of all those “hypno-junkies” who just love the euphoria of entering the deep states of hypnosis and who want to learn the speediest hypnosis techniques around and the Law of Attraction tops it up with you utilising your new deep hypnosis skills to create the life that you want. 

Deep States Training 3 days 20.5 - 22.5.2022

This is also suitable for anyone interested in exploring the benefits of this powerful state for both themselves and their clients.

You will learn how to enter the Coma State, the Catatonic State and the Euphoric Deep State on given key words. The benefits of each state will be explored.

The Euphoric Deep State is a state of hypnosis that produces Rapid Eye Movement (“REM”). It is deeper than the state that most hypnotists operate in and is even deeper than the Esdaile and Catatonic State.

This is an immensely practical course and will involve a great deal of “whizzing in and out of trances”. This, in itself, has proved to be most helpful in increasing the confidence of hypnotherapists in their hypnotic abilities. In addition to the above, “Hand to Hand” healing will be explored in the Euphoric Deep State level. This is considered to be a powerful healing arena. However, please note that this course is not for those who are averse to physical contact!

Law of Attraction Training 1 day 24.5.2022

During this masterclass she will discuss how the law of attraction works and guide you through the process of how to attract more of what you want and discuss the various ways that you may be sabotaging yourself.  We all know that the subconscious mind plays a large part in our success but we frequently sabotage those successes by our unconscious beliefs.  We will show you ways of how to counteract ‘resistance’ and sabotage from your unconscious mind.  For a variety of reasons, this does not mean that you will always attract those things that you want at the exact time that you want but by using the LOA techniques we believe that you will attract far more than you might expect.

During this masterclass you will learn what the ‘experts’ recommend for becoming a conscious attractor and how to form a plan to start getting the results that you want.  Once your plan is formulated you will be shown how to integrate this into your daily life.

These ideas will be useful not only for yourself but for the clients that you work with. The day will focus on you creating an ‘ideal life’ for yourself consisting of:

  1. Health

  2. Wealth

  3. Love

  4. Perfect Self Expression


Join us on both amazing course in Spain or alternatively you can join us on either one.

Course location, Alhaurín de la Torre in Spain

The course takes place in Alhaurín de la Torre, ideally located only 15 minute tax drive away from the Malaga airport.

It  is also only 20 kilometres from Malaga city and 10 kilometres from the beaches of Torremolinos, Alhaurín de la Torre is a perfect destination for a relaxed visit in the surroundings of the Guadalhorce Valley, enjoying a good meal or a day of golf. Its proximity to the large urban centres and the large number of green areas means that many Malaga residents choose Alhaurín de la Torre to live in. A municipality that has been able to integrate the new residents and maintain its traditions and identity.

Next Course Date

SPAIN 2022

Deep States Training and Law of Attraction 



*** only few places left

S chedule:

20-22.5.22   Deep States Training

23.5.22         Day Off

24.5.22         Law of Attraction



Alhaurín de la Torre, Spain 

15 minutes from Malaga airport

Course cost:

Deep States and LoA total

600.00 (EUR) or £550 (GBP)

Deep States only

 550.00 (EUR) or £500 (GBP)

Law of Attraction only

550.00 (EUR) or £180 (GBP)

Course Accommodation

The accommodation on the course place itself is limited, please enquire us about remaining spaces) but there are many hotels within short distance.


Deposit of 200/£200 is payable immediately on booking on both or Deep States courses

and £100 if  booked on LoA only.

Remaining course fees are due by 30.4.21

If you have booked your accommodation with us, the full cost of accommodation is payable by 1.3.22


Nicola Martin (English language)

Teija Barr (Finnish language support )

Your Trainers
Nicola Martin & Teija Barr

Cancellation and refund policy on this course

We will refund cancellations made by the 1.3.22.

From 1.3.22 we will withhold the training deposit of 200 euros/pounds and charge 50% the accommodation if booked with us.

Cancellations after 1st of May 2022 are not refundable.

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