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Nicola Martin & Teija Barr

Deep Hypnotic States Training


3 Days of specialised and unique training in Helsinki, Finland 26-28.4.24

We will make most of the beautiful Helsinki and offer this amazing course in Finland again this year.

Deep States Training 3 days 

The Deep States training is unique to the ICH and you will not find one like it anywhere else. Deep States meets the needs of all those “hypno-junkies” who just love the euphoria of entering the deep states of hypnosis and who want to learn the speediest hypnosis techniques around and the Law of Attraction tops it up with you utilising your new deep hypnosis skills to create the life that you want. 

This is also suitable for anyone interested in exploring the benefits of this powerful state for both themselves and their clients.

You will learn how to enter the Coma State, the Catatonic State and the Euphoric Deep State on given key words. The benefits of each state will be explored.

The Euphoric Deep State is a state of hypnosis that produces Rapid Eye Movement (“REM”). It is deeper than the state that most hypnotists operate in and is even deeper than the Esdaile and Catatonic State.

This is an immensely practical course and will involve a great deal of “whizzing in and out of trances”. This, in itself, has proved to be most helpful in increasing the confidence of hypnotherapists in their hypnotic abilities. In addition to the above, “Hand to Hand” healing will be explored in the Euphoric Deep State level. This is considered to be a powerful healing arena. However, please note that this course is not for those who are averse to physical contact!

Next Course Date


Deep States Training 


Helsinki, Finland


Friday      10-17

Saturday  10-17

Sunday    09-16



Helsinki city-centre

Course cost:

Early Bird £500 or 595e (until 15.3.24)

Normal Fee £625 or 725e (after 16.3.24)


Deposit of £250 or 300euros is payable immediately on booking on Deep States courses. Booking fee is not refundable on this course.

Remaining course fees are due two weeks before the course date


Nicola Martin (English language)

Teija Barr (Finnish language )

Course language is English, material is provided in both English and Finnish language

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